Mastering the Business of Integrative Medicine

Mastering the Business of Integrative Medicine

A Two Day Intensive Program on
How to Start, Manage, and Grow a Satisfying & Successful Practice

Returning in 2020 – Check Back for Dates!
Royal Palm South Beach

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Physicians: Bring your key employee
for only $200!

No matter where you are in your professional journey toward adopting an integrative healthcare practice, you’ll need to gain practical business skills if you are going to be successful! You must build a well functioning team to support your efforts. You will also need to acquire skills to attract, retain, and grow the types of patients you want to treat. In this hands-on, skills-based program, you will be guided through a series of activities and exercises to diagnose, treat, and improve your personal satisfaction, as well as the health of your patients and practice.

This program will teach you how to:

  • Recognize and overcome barriers to transitioning into Integrative Medicine
  • Understand the pros and cons of business models such as concierge, insurance-based, direct-pay, and subscription based
  • Learn to measure your practice “vital signs”
  • Learn to build a great team and become better equipped to deal with human resource issues
  • Crystallize your unique product and service mix
  • Determine how to maximize revenue of products and services
  • Demystify social media and get onboard with a concrete plan
  • Learn to use video for patient recruitment and education
  • And so much more!

New 2020 Dates To Be Announced
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Registration opens at 7:00 AM


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Registration includes a gourmet gluten-free, dairy-free lunch.

Our Expert Instructors

Mark Tager, MD

Shilpa Saxena, MD

Rebecca Hunton, MD, MBA