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Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture Module
(Can be taken as a separate Course)

Auriculotherapy is effective for a wide range of health problems, including musculoskeletal pain, addiction, respiratory and gastrointestinal issues, skin problems, eye-ear-nose-throat disorders, control of blood pressure many others. Auricular Acupuncture for Physicians is a practical introductory course providing physicians with the theory, clinical training, and hands-on practicum to begin integrating auricular acupuncture into medical practice.

The curriculum provides a fundamental knowledge of auricular anatomical areas, zones, diagnosis, and treatment. At the completion of this seminar, participants will be able to identify key ear points used for treating many functional disorders, demonstrate proper ear needling technique of ectodermal points, and develop appropriate treatment protocols.

Ilana Newman, MD                           Dates: Feb. 20 & 21, 2016
Tom Corbin, AP, MPH                     Early Registration:  Before Feb. 10th- $450
                                                                                        After Feb. 10th- $525